Shields Therapy Solutions


Welcome to Shields Therapy Solutions

We are a behavioral health agency focused on providing individuals with behavioral support in the home, community, and at our office in Centennial, Colorado. Our programs are designed for neurodiverse individuals of all ages with various diagnoses. Our Clinical Supervisors help to address deficits in social behaviors, executive functioning skills, and behavioral challenges. Our therapy approach includes utilizing strategies based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavior Support (PBS) to decrease challenging and interfering behaviors. Our mission is to provide individuals with behavioral tools to develop the necessary skills for independent living and increase their overall quality of life using Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Adaptive Skills Training (AST), Parent and Caregiver Education, and Social Skills Training.

Shields Therapy Solution offers in-person and telehealth services and will soon have a presence in Florida and Georgia.

telehealth services

Our behavioral health team understands that circumstances may interfere with providing in-person services. Shields Therapy Solutions is committed to providing effective treatment to individuals in need. If deemed clinically appropriate, our behavioral health team will work with individuals via telehealth and modify treatment programming and implementation style to best support the individual.